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USAID’s Frontlines – June/July 2011

Read the latest edition of USAID’s premier publication, FrontLines for these stories focusing on the Agency’s work in Science and Technology and Climate Change: The United States is helping developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve their resilience to the effects of climate change Warns Vermont’s Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy: “We are facing a […]

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Developing Kenya through AIDS Vaccine Research

Dr. Omu Anzala of the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI) during an interview for the 2007 documentary HIV/AIDS: the search for a vaccine.  The documentary originally aired as part of BBC World’s “Kill or Cure?” series. Credit: KAVI

I was very glad last month to hear Administrator Rajiv Shah describe USAID’s deep commitment to sustainable development and building country-led health systems. These principles characterize USAID’s impact in Kenya, where USAID has supported the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI) through our partnership with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). Here in Kenya, our people […]

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Week 9: The Modern Development Enterprise

Today, USAID is fundamentally changing—becoming more efficient, effective, and businesslike—which ultimately helps our investment dollars go further. Our effort to transform how development is delivered reflects the beliefs of the President and the Secretaries of State, Treasury and Defense: development is as critical to our economic prospects and our national security as diplomacy and defense. […]

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50th Anniversary: The Program of Scientific and Technological Cooperation

John Daily is the former director of the Office of Research. He worked for USAID from 1976 to 1997. He is now retired. Photo Credit: John Daly/USAID

The Program of Science and Technology Cooperation broke ground for USAID. Read more >>

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Improving Rural Livelihoods by Empowering African Women Researchers in Agricultural Science

Dr. Anabela Manhica proudly exhbits a laptop received from the AWARD program. Photo Credit: USAID/Mozambique

Women scientists are on the cutting edge of solving Africa’s food crisis. Read more >>

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USAID joins NASA for the LAUNCH: Health Forum

USAID joins NASA for the LAUNCH: Health Forum. Read more >>

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USAID @ UNGA: Harnessing Innovation to Achieve the MDGs

What an amazing week it’s been, with so many people from around the globe gathered in one place, intent on finding ways to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  To do so, we need innovators to dramatically change the way development is done. Today, at a forum co-hosted with the New York Academy of Sciences, USAID […]

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USAID @ UNGA: Science and Technology Forum Preview

Submitted by Ellis Rubinstein President and CEO, The New York Academy of Sciences USAID and its Administrator, Rajiv Shah, are onto something big: science, technology and innovation dedicated to the challenges of the Developing World. During my decade as Editor of Science followed by another eight years at the New York Academy of Sciences, I […]

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USAID @ UNGA: Innovating to Save Lives

Guest Blogger Krista Donaldson CEO of D-Rev: Design Revolution Here’s a test.  You have 20 seconds to list the scientific and technological innovations that have had a positive, lasting impact in the developing world since the Marshall Plan.  And be specific – “Green Revolution” is not allowed. Technology and innovation drive economic growth, and can […]

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USAID In The News – July 12th thru 16th

submitted by Amanda Parsons Science Magazine’s Insider Blog looks at how USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah brought together the world’s leading science minds this week during a 2-day conference to focus and highlight the ways innovation, science and technology can revitalize the development agency. Shah hopes science and technology can help the agency solve “grand […]

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