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Inspiration for the Journey to an HIV Vaccine

All the evidence today suggests that, if we persevere, it is just a matter of time before HIV vaccines become available. Read more >>

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift of All

Every day, around 1,000 babies are born with HIV, and there is a growing
recognition that we can decrease that number to near zero. Read more >>

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Saving Lives Through Smart Investments

As we approach World AIDS Day, many are asking difficult questions about the way forward on global AIDS.

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Democratic Republic of Congo Joins Malaria Initiative

By expanding women’s access to care and incorporating women’s perspectives into health systems, global health initiatives will improve the lives of women and their families. Read more >>

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U.S. Pledge to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

USAID joins the U.S.’s commitment to saving lives devastated by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria through the Global Fund.

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