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Microbicide Gel Offers Protection Against HIV Transmission

The results of the USAID and CAPRISA 004 trial are encouraging, and provide hope that women will soon have greater control over HIV prevention. Read more >>

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USAID at Forefront of HIV Prevention

Microbicides can help prevent HIV transmission in women. Read more to find out how. Read more >>

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Evidence Shows Historic Breakthrough Can Save Lives

Women participating in the CAPRISA 004 trial in the CAPRISA Vulindlela Clinic in KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa

Carol is in her mid-20s and raising her young daughter on her own.  With very few economic options available to her she turned to commercial sex work when she was 21 years old. Every day she puts herself at risk of HIV, other STIs, and unintended pregnancy. Because of a USAID-funded campaign, Carol knows she […]

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