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One Team, One Mission. USAID Employees Share Their Stories on Agency Transformation

USAID employees reflect on their experiences working with the Agency. / Morgana Wingard, USAID

An online book released on Administrator Shah’s last day draws from more than 80 interviews with USAID staff members around the world.

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Study Highlights Way Forward for African Higher Education Institutions

Leadership and administration capacity are the most critical challenges in the effort to make higher education in sub-Saharan Africa more effective and responsive to development, while ensuring its quality and relevance. Read more >>

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Empowering Yemeni Youth

My home town – Aden, Yemen – has been engulfed by a series of crises over the past year that have negatively affected my people. Read more>>

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Women Learning about Leadership through Rural Radio

The radio station near Thiès is small and cramped, yet bursting with activity. A young woman before a microphone is talking to a disembodied female voice from a nearby village, trying to maintain an audible signal from her mobile. Finally, a signal gets through and the woman recounts, in rapid Wolof, the results of a […]

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Administrator Shah Speaks to Faith-Based Leaders at White House Feed the Future Event

Partnerships with faith-based and other nonprofit organizations that will help make Feed the Future a success. Read more >>

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