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How Guinea’s Journalists are Fighting to Win the War Against Ebola

Meet the Ebola Chrono news team! Their radio show is breaking new ground as they were the first Guinean journalists to report from inside an Ebola treatment center. / Internews

In Guinea, where Ebola rumors abound and suspicions about the response are the talk of the street, USAID is supporting a team of local journalists who are taking dedication to news reporting to a new level.

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From the Field in Afghanistan: A Media Revolution

USAID, with the help of its partners, is helping to bridge a gap between the media and the Afghan people. Read more >>

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Advancing Development Through Social Media

For the first time, USAID participated in Social Media Week and hosted a panel on the role of social media plays in the development world. Read more >>

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Hello Countrymen: Afghan Independent Radio Stands on its Own

Jeanne Bourgault is President of the media development organization Internews. A decade ago, Afghanistan was one of the most information-poor countries on the planet, where television was banned and its entire national media consisted of a single radio station used solely for propaganda purposes. Today, one of the greatest success stories of Afghanistan is found […]

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