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The Straight Facts: The Plight of Women

Women around the globe should be celebrated for their extraordinary contributions in all areas of society. Read more >>

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The Freakonomics of “The Girl Effect”

How might a girl change the course of humanity? Read more >>

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Ethiopia Partners with the U.S. to Put Girls’ Education First

USAID partners with FreAddis to improve education in Ethipia, with assistance from the Ministry of Education. Read more >>

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Dr. Jill Biden visits a USAID sponsored school for girls in Kenya

A great video over at highlights the travels of Dr. Jill Biden in Kenya and her visit to a girls school helping to give young women a brighter future.

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Measured Marriage: For One 15-year old, a Chance to Finish Childhood from USAID

Kanjeer, Pakistan – Bakhtawar was a good student in the fifth grade at a small school located in a Southern Pakistan village. She enjoyed learning, laughing with her friends, and spending time with her family. But one evening, as she sat nervously in a chair beside her parents at the local meeting hall, she knew […]

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