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Pounds of Prevention: Focus on Haiti


This installment of USAID’s Pounds of Prevention series (PDF) takes us to Haiti where we are working to reduce the risks posed by floods in Port-au-Prince. Read more >>

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Pounds of Prevention – Focus on South Asia Monsoon Flooding

Flood meter Bangladesh2

In this installment of USAID’s Pounds of Prevention series, we explore how monsoon rains are both a vital part of life and a potential source of floods. Read more >>

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Pounds of Prevention – Focus on the Philippines

In this installment of Pounds of Prevention (PDF), we take a look at how one community in the Philippines-Mabitac-has reduced the negative impacts of floods, even in the midst of what occurred in August 2012.  Through timely, concerted efforts, the municipal authorities and residents have turned potentially life-altering disasters into manageable challenges for which they can prepare and move beyond […]

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Response to Natural Disasters in Brazil

Volunteers organize donations in the district of Conquista, municipality of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro. Credit: ABr/Valter Campanato

When today’s adults were in school, 20, 30 or 40 years ago, we used to learn that Brazil was a blessed country, because we didn’t have wars, we didn’t have volcanoes or hurricanes, and we didn’t have floods. We are now over 190 million people, and our cities are growing each day. The careless occupation […]

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U.S. Helps Flood-Affected Farmers in Pakistan

As featured in Dipnote By: Alberto Rodriguez, Spokesperson at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan During a ceremony held today, January 11, 2011, in Peshawar, officials from the government of Khyber Pakhtunkwa (KPk) and the United States marked the success of their partnership in providing high-quality wheat seeds to flood-affected farmers across the nation. The […]

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USAID Responds to Massive Flooding in Benin

Flood victims in Sô Ava queue for registration before attending a training session on how to decontaminate water and use water storage units. They are assisted by staff from Catholic Relief Services on October 26th. Photo Credit:  Simplice Takoubo/USAID

In response to the massive flooding in Benin, USAID has been closely coordinating with the U.N. and the Government of Benin to ensure aid is reaching those most in need. Read more >>

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‘The First Step to Rebuilding Our Lives’ USAID supports shelter for displaced Swat families

Submitted by Zack Taylor Girlagan,

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Pic of the Week

USAID continues to deliver aid to those impacted by the floods. To date, USAID/FFP has provided $51.5 million in direct support of World Food Programme’s monthly food ration distributions and to an NGO to support food voucher distribution. People in the United States who wish to contribute to the effort are asked to text the […]

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