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Q&A with the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte

Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte. Photo credit: State Department

U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, answers questions about the new partnership to combat citizen insecurity and strengthen municipal responses to crime and violence in 50 dangerous communities in El Salvador. Read more >>

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Can Transitional Justice Prevent Conflicts?

Cyanne Loyle is Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies at West Virginia University. Photo credit: West Virginia University

In 2011, President Obama launched the Presidential Studies Directive on Mass Atrocities, or PSD-10, a ground-breaking call for all major U.S. government agencies to engage on the issue of preventing mass atrocities and genocide worldwide. Read more >>

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Technology to Encourage Stability in Volatile East African Regions

Recipients test high frequency radios in East Africa. The USAID-funded radios allow information to be transmitted quickly to the local authorities and those involved in conflict mitigation. Photo credit: CEWARN.

Most people are familiar with how information can be used to promote conflict.  Media control and propaganda can spread misinformation, fear, and violence.  Purposeful jamming or outright destruction of communications lines during attacks can prolong the length and severity of conflict.  But can information and technology be used to promote peace instead?  In East Africa, […]

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