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Public, Private, and Civil Society Partnerships in Action

Save the Children visits neighborhoods to monitor child health and nutrition, and treat sick children. Photo credit: Gerardo Aráuz

An alliance between USAID, Save the Children and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. maximizes the use of resources and helps to identify new solutions to challenges affecting Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more >>

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USAID@50 – International Women’s Day

By: Abby Sugrue and Laura Rodriguez, USAID We were rummaging through historic USAID materials in the basement of the Ronald Reagan Building and found this photo of a young nurse and a baby. We couldn’t find a project name, date, title, or country – just “USAID” scrawled in pencil on the back. Still, the image […]

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USAID’s Battleground: Expanding Access and Strengthening Health Systems

Administrator Shah: “Our experience with GHI has made it clear: our largest opportunities to improve human health do not lie in optimizing services to the 20% of people in the developing world currently reached by health systems; they lie in extending our reach to the 80% who lack access to health facilities. That is where the […]

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Up Close and Personal With Our Global Health

A whole-of-government effort encourages a more integrated approach to global health, ultimately saving more lives. Read more >>

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Focus on Nutrition: Creating Inclusive Partnerships and Deepening our Knowledge

We have a remarkable opportunity to make a measurable impact on child hunger and malnutrition.

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USAID @ the 10th Annual Mini University

USAID and partner staff, including government officials and members from military branches, discuss exciting developments in the field of global health. Read more >>

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How We Can Save Over 4 Million Children

A dollar spent on a childhood vaccination not only helps save a life, but greatly reduces spending on future healthcare. Read more >>

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