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Hopes and Challenges for the World’s Newest Country

Juba, Sudan:   She sat in the shade of a transit tent at this port city on the White Nile, surrounded by her worldly possessions and eight children.  A symbol of the hope and the challenges facing south Sudan as it moves towards independence on July 9, the woman arrived a week earlier by barge from […]

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From the Field

In Haiti, on May 1st, we inaugurated a rural agricultural research center to celebrate Haiti’s National Agriculture and Labor Day.  Click here for more information on the initiative. In Afghanistan, CNN will report on eco-projects.  One project that may be highlighted is USAID’s Afghanistan Vouchers for Increased Productive Agriculture (AVIPA) project.  Through this project, we […]

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Ox Plow and Other Training Help Southern Sudan Farmers Increase Agricultural Yields

Residents of southern Sudan have long relied on subsistence farming utilizing traditional methods. These practices, such as hand tilling and broad casting of seed, result in crop loss, disease, and infestation, and severely limit farmer’s yields. USAID is working to overcome these challenges by introducing new technology and farming methods to residents of Northern Bahr […]

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USAID in the News

Weekly Briefing (4/25/2011–4/29/2011) April 25 NextGov reported that NASA and USAID have signed a pact to share more satellite data and mapping tools with international partners for disaster response. The five-year memorandum of understanding covers several initiatives funded through both agencies that focus on global health, hunger, disaster relief and environmental dangers. April 27 AFP, […]

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Polio Immunization Efforts Showing Positive Results in Southern Sudan

USAID, the United Nations, the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS), and other international partners launched a polio immunization campaign March 28 in southern Sudan, where the crippling disease re-emerged in 2008. “Due to the efforts of the GOSS, development partners, and people of southern Sudan, the outbreak that re-emerged in South Sudan in 2008 has […]

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Providing the Advantage of Literacy to Family Farmers in Burundi

Marie Habonimana is a thirtyish Burundian farmer and livestock herder who was illiterate until several months ago when USAID provided her with an opportunity of a lifetime. Marie lives in the hilly north-central Muramvya Province known for its tea plantations and eucalyptus trees.  When USAID’s Burundi Agribusiness Program introduced literacy training in her community in […]

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Working Together to End Stigma and Discrimination Against HIV/AIDS

Stigma and discrimination are two factors that continue to drive the HIV/AIDS epidemic forward. Employees face discrimination at work, women and men are afraid to get tested and run the risk of being ostracized by family and friends, and children are turned away from schools. Stigma and discrimination based on HIV status are wrong, and […]

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Deputy Administrator Announces Initiative to Include Women in Peace Processes and Meets Returnees in Southern Sudan

In a speech at Ahfad University for Women in Omdurman, Sudan, on April 9, USAID Deputy Administrator Donald Steinberg announced a new USAID global grant initiative to increase women’s participation in peace processes. Grants of up to $2 million each, totaling up to $14 million, may be made available for projects that support UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which calls for women’s involvement in all aspects of peace and security, recognizing their leadership in peacemaking, and ending sexual violence in conflict.

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In The News: 4/11/2011–4/15/2011

April 12: An article in the Washington Business Journal wrote that USAID will increasingly give contracts to companies in the countries where the projects are performed. Administrator Shah said that, “Instead of continuing to sign large contracts with large contractors, we are accelerating our funding to local partners who have the cultural knowledge and in-country […]

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Accidental Empowerment

By: Anju Malhotra, Vice President of Innovation at The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) Women are on the move in New Delhi, and in an entirely new way: on the Metro. I couldn’t help but notice them during my last trip to India a few weeks ago. Women filled the first car of […]

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