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When Early Interventions Make All the Difference

Many observers of the crisis in the Horn of Africa have asked what progress has been made since the last famine. As a part of our FWD public awareness campaign we’ve been going through some of the stories from our partners in the field to help lend a face to stories of famine. We will […]

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Pictures that Tell the Story for Us

Our new FWD public awareness campaign tells the story about the crisis in the Horn of Africa through sharable info-graphics, public service announcements, interactive maps, and toolkits.  Through these interactive features we invite people to engage in the campaign rather than be recipients of static information. Another way to tell the story of the crisis […]

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FWD the Facts: New Public Awareness Videos

One month after USAID announced the FWD (famine, war, and drought) public awareness campaign at the Social Good summit, we are officially launching the campaign across the country though celebrity public service announcements (PSAs) developed with the Ad Council. You will likely start seeing these PSAs on television, but we wanted you to see one […]

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FWD: The Faces Behind the Crisis

It is hard to imagine summoning the courage to walk up to 100 miles toward an unknown refugee camp in another country.  That more than 700,000 refugees from Somalia already made this journey is remarkable. Of course many who started the journey did not make it to the end. Others perished at home, either too […]

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