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USAID “In the News”

In Case You Missed USAID in the news this week.. Assistant to the Administrator for the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs Alex Their writes in Foreign Policy’s AfPak Channel about his experience living in Mazar 20 years ago and highlights the dramatic progress over the past two decades. Alanna Shaikh wrote in the UN Dispatch on […]

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Video of the Week “Opportunities Created, Lives Transformed in Nepal”

Check out this  incredible video on opportunities created, lives transformed in Nepal. Over the past five years, USAID’s Education for Income Generation program has helped tens of thousands of youth not only find skills-based work at home but also become employers themselves. Today, 74,000 disadvantaged youth are reaping benefits, with higher incomes, raised living standards, and […]

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Returning home for HIV & AIDS treatment, an Ethiopian woman finds much more

In 1992, Neima Mohammed left Ethiopia for Djibouti with hopes of building a better life for her family. Living at a refugee camp 10 years later, the family made plans to travel to Australia and applied for a visa, which required an HIV & AIDS test. While her husband and two sons tested negative, Neima […]

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Photo of the Week: Accessing Credit for Food Security

Despite the importance of the agriculture sector in Ethiopia, access to credit is limited. USAID uses its Development Credit Authority to share risk with local banks, thus opening financing for underserved but credit-worthy borrowers.

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Why We’re Celebrating Global Female Condom Day

An educator demonstrates female condoms with students from the University of Yaoundé, Cameroun. Photo Credit: Association Camerounaise pour le Marketing Social (ACMS).

Today is the first-ever Global Female Condom Day, and women and men around the world are celebrating. Read more >>

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Video of the Week: Reading in Peru

According to experts, in the first grade children must learn how to read and understand what they read. In the second  grade, they must improve their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. With more fluency there is greater chance for children to understand what they have read. That’s why in countries that are are more advanced in education, there are set reading standards for children. In Latin America, children […]

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Infographic: The Impact of Literacy

Ever think about the impact literacy can have on the developing world? Check out this great infographic that spells out the impact of literacy on future generations. Read about the effect of education on health, economic growth, and stability. Don’t miss International Literacy Day which we will livestream on Friday, September 7th at 9:15 am EST.

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Ask the Celebrity: PSI Ambassador Mandy Moore on International Development Efforts

At the Frontiers in Development forum we had the opportunity to sit down back-stage with PSI Healthy Lives Ambassador and singer Mandy Moore and get her thoughts on international development. Below are our questions and her video answers.  Q:”What would you tell young people that want to get involved in international development?”    Q: As a non-traditional […]

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Picture of the Week


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Video of the Week: “Bosnia Moves Forward”

Bosnia and Herzegovina endured a devastating war from 1992-1995. In the aftermath, the country not only underwent post-war reconstruction, but also launched the transition from a Socialist system to a system of democratic governance. As local governments work to overcome the challenges posed by reconstruction, democracy-building, and the global economic downturn, the Governance Accountability Project, […]

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