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USAID and Conflict: Hard Lessons from the Field

On May 17th, the Center for American Progress and the American Enterprise Institute jointly hosted a discussion on USAID’s role in countries emerging from conflict, the Agency’s efforts to prevent new conflicts and crises, and the challenges of both. Deputy Administrator Donald Steinberg opened the discussion with remarks on USAID’s role over the past 40 […]

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New USAID Report Highlights Achievements in Egypt’s Health Sector

Yesterday I joined former USAID Administrator Peter McPherson, Egypt Embassy Counselor Motaz Zahran, and more than 100 members of the Egyptian diaspora and global health communities to launch USAID/Egypt’s Health and Population Legacy Review (pdf, 1.5mb). The report demonstrates impressive long-term results of USAID health sector assistance in Egypt over 32 years.  For example, over […]

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From the Field

In Senegal, at Bembey University we will launch a higher education agreement with Fairfield University.  This new partnership between the United States and Senegal seeks to introduce a service learning model to support health education for middle school students and teacher training in educational technology. In Egypt, as part of the Improving the Performance of […]

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Food Security: Progress and a Way Forward

Today I have the privilege to participate in a discussion as part of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security: Progress to Date and Strategies for Success. The Chicago Council’s efforts have been instrumental in elevating global food security as a U.S. policy priority.  We are grateful to them […]

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USAID in the News

Weekly Briefing (5/16/2011–5/20/2011) May 16 AFP reported that the Central Bank of Iraq, with support from USAID, will be working to bring mobile banking to Iraqis. USAID is working to unify Iraq’s banking system, where only one fifth of Iraqis have bank accounts, while 70 percent have mobile phones. May 17 MSNBC reported that USAID […]

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Development, Diaspora and the Universal Language of Sports

Mori Taheripour is Senior Advisor, Sport for Development at USAID with Minnesota Vikings player Madieu Williams.

For diaspora communities across the globe, sport continues to be an integral connection to their native countries.  Sport is tightly woven into the lives and cultures of people globally and has an inherent and unique ability to connect people and provides the ability to transform some of the world’s least developed countries. While sport has […]

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USAID Helps a Father Find His Voice

When Angelo Domingos’ daughter came to him with news that she would be re-enrolling in school, his heart leapt with joy.  Only a short time had passed since she, like many young Mozambican girls, had dropped out of school after finding herself pregnant at a young age.   Angelo’s other daughter had followed suit, and it […]

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Learn about the Upcoming Global Diaspora Forum

Kris M. Balderston, Special Representative for Global Partnerships at the Global Partnership Initiative within the Office of the Secretary of State, discusses the upcoming Global Diaspora Forum, whose goal is to recognize and celebrate the contribution of Diaspora communities to America’s relationship with their countries of origin or ancestry; foster Diaspora-centric partnership models; and encourage […]

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USAID in the News: 5/2/2011–5/6/2011

May 2- FutureGov reported that USAID is teaming up with NASA to expand international development efforts by applying geospatial technologies to overcome challenges in food security, climate change, and energy and environmental management in many developing countries. The technology will involve satellite data and mapping tools. May 4-The Hill, the Council on Foreign Relations, and […]

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