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Microfinance is Boosting Entrepreneurs in Southern Sudan

Submitted by Angela Stephens Last month, USAID sponsored the First Southern Sudan Microfinance Conference, giving experts and practitioners an opportunity to exchange views about how to build the sector, which is still in its infancy in Southern Sudan. In 2003, when USAID helped establish the in Southern Sudan, a region the size of France. Since […]

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Laikipia and Beyond Unity Cup

Submitted by Nicole Enerson Cameroonian soccer star, Samuel Eto’o, encourages young athletes at a “green soccer tournament” in Rift Valley Province, Kenya The Laikipia Wildlife Forum, a USAID partner for the past 10 years, hosted a 6 week “green tournament” in Laikipia District. The aim of the Laikipia Beyond Unity Cup (LUC) was “to harness […]

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Picture of the Week

Learn more about how USAID is assisting with flood relief for Pakistan. For individuals and organizations who wish to help those affected by the floods, USAID encourages cash donations be made to humanitarian organizations already working in the affected areas. Nothing will get there faster or help more. Working with mGive, Americans are contributing to […]

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USAID – From the Field

Submitted by Abby Sugrue. In Honduras the signing of USAID’s new bilateral assistance agreement for the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI).  This agreement supports youth and communities that are vulnerable to crime, violence, gangs, and drug trafficking by providing them with vocational skills, safe alternatives to gangs, better governance, and improved infrastructure.   In Bangladesh […]

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USAID In the News – August 2-6

On Tuesday, Administrator Shah joined President Obama at the White House for the President’s Town Hall with young African leaders to discuss their vision for Africa for the next 50 years.  USAID programs highlight America’s commitment to supporting the next generation of African leaders. On Wednesday, USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah joined Secretary of State […]

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USAID Supports Armenian Government’s Tourism Efforts to Boost Economic Growth

Submitted by Jonathan Hale, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Europe & Eurasia I flew out of Moscow’s extreme summer heat to the more arid Yerevan, Armenia. I watched fires and smoke from burning Russian peat bogs and forests out the plane window. The changing climate will clearly have devastating impacts. I arrived in Yerevan and have […]

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Telling Our Story

USAID successes are once again being broadcast to the world through the recently revamped USAID Telling Our Story page, and now you can catch the latest and greatest tales right here on the blog. That’s right, Telling Our Story, a site bursting with stories of development success and progress, is up and running. Check out […]

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Supporting a Sustainable Economy in Northern Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, USAID is supporting activities that increase economic opportunities, enhance respect for human rights, strengthen rule of law, improve responsive governance, and foster political reconciliation.  In recent years Sri Lanka has gone through major transitions. More than two decades of fighting prevented Sri Lanka from reaching its potential. The goal of this work […]

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U.S., Russia Explore Opportunities to Collaborate to End Polio

Submitted by Jonathan Hale Deputy Assistant Administrator for Europe & Eurasia Today, I am back in Moscow.  The Russian government has already made significant contributions to stopping the polio outbreak in Central Asia. Now we are exploring opportunities for further U.S.-Russian collaboration on this issue to work toward ending polio once and for all. I met […]

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A Preview of the President’s Forum With Young African Leaders

Submitted by Maria Otero, Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Cross-posted from the State Department’s Dipnote blog. This year, 17 sub-Saharan African countries celebrate 50 years of independence, and the Obama Administration is ready to look forward towards greater partnerships with African nations. Acknowledging the value of engaging young leaders in the […]

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