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USAID @ UNGA: International Alliance Launched to Support Country-Led Advances in Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health

For the past ten years, the UN Millennium Development Goals have provided a blueprint to build stronger nations by setting aggressive goals from halving extreme poverty to significantly reducing maternal and child mortality to promoting gender equality.  The ambitious agenda and relatively short time period galvanized unprecedented collaboration among governments, international organizations and private partners […]

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USAID @ UNGA: Addressing the Global Water and Sanitation Challenge

Submitted by Chris Holmes This morning at an event at the UN Summit titled, “Addressing the Global Water and Sanitation Challenge: The Key to the MDGs,”  USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah discussed the United States’ efforts and renewed attention to ensure water security world-wide. Perhaps no single issue is as important to achieving all of […]

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USAID @ UNGA: Science and Technology Forum Preview

Submitted by Ellis Rubinstein President and CEO, The New York Academy of Sciences USAID and its Administrator, Rajiv Shah, are onto something big: science, technology and innovation dedicated to the challenges of the Developing World. During my decade as Editor of Science followed by another eight years at the New York Academy of Sciences, I […]

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USAID @ UNGA: The Millennium Development Goals are Everyone’s Business

Submitted by Helen Clark, United Nations Development Programme Administrator and former Prime Minister of New Zealand I’m looking forward to attending the

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USAID @ UNGA: Innovating to Save Lives

Guest Blogger Krista Donaldson CEO of D-Rev: Design Revolution Here’s a test.  You have 20 seconds to list the scientific and technological innovations that have had a positive, lasting impact in the developing world since the Marshall Plan.  And be specific – “Green Revolution” is not allowed. Technology and innovation drive economic growth, and can […]

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From the Field

In Nicaragua, we are we are launching the Maternity House Project.  A network of maternity houses, located in rural communities, will provide pregnant women from remote areas a place to stay during the last month of pregnancy.  This will facilitate access to child delivery inside a formal health facility.  The women will also receive additional […]

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USAID @ UNGA: Thank you for Saving the Lives of Millions of Children

Submitted by Amie Batson Deputy Assistant Administrator, Global Health Today as the United Nations General Assembly begins its review of progress on fighting poverty and disease, I took part in a meeting about something great you did: You helped save the lives of more than 5.4 million children all over the world in the past […]

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USAID @ UNGA: Championing Effective Solutions to End Malnutrition in Women and Children

Submitted by Bruce Cogill Ph.D. Chief, USAID’s Nutrition Division Administrator Raj Shah joined a historic gathering of the First Ladies of Africa, who convened to declare nutrition as a critical priority for eliminating poverty. Nutrition is a top priority of both Feed the Future (FTF) and the Global Health Initiative (GHI). To reduce the growing […]

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USAID @ UNGA: Polio Eradication Efforts Spotlighted During Summit on Reaching the Millennium Development Goals

Submitted by Ellyn Ogden USAID Worldwide Polio Eradication Coordinator Today, representatives from partner countries, donors, non-governmental organizations and the private sector met on polio eradication. I represented USAID. USAID is working closely with the United Nations (U.N) and partner countries to address this outbreak. The global polio eradication effort is at a critical point in […]

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COUNTDOWN TO THE MDGS: WHO Cuts Global Annual Estimate of Maternal Deaths

Submitted by Susan K. Brems Ph.D. Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Global Health The World Health Organization said Wednesday that fewer women are now dying each year from complications during pregnancy and childbirth.  A new report found that 358,000 women died during pregnancy or childbirth in 2008, mostly in poor countries of sub-Saharan Africa […]

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