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Alina L. Romanowski

Alina L. Romanowski currently serves as Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Middle East Bureau and since March 2013 is fulfilling the duties of the Assistant Administrator until further notice. Ms. Romanowski leads the Bureau, including the efforts of seven USAID missions and development programs in countries without missions such as Libya and Tunisia. She oversees a large and varied portfolio that provides about $1.5 billion annually in assistance across the Middle East region. Ms. Romanowski directs the design and implementation of assistance programs that support the political transitions occurring across the region and co-leads USAID’s humanitarian assistance and development efforts in addressing the crisis in Syria.


For Jordan, U.S. Support ‘Guaranteed’

In a neighborhood of growing instability, time and time again Jordan has been a steadfast partner in the years. It is vitally important the United States assist Jordan to stand firm and maintain a strong economy in the face of regional uncertainty.

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On the Road to Innovation in the West Bank

Recently I spent two action-packed days visiting the West Bank where I saw the tremendous impact that the USAID West Bank and Gaza Mission’s work has in many sectors and witnessed several innovative projects.

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Building the Foundation for a Two-State Solution

Deputy Assistant Administrator Romanowski and Administrator Rajiv Shah play soccer with a student at the Az Zeer school in Harmala. Click to view more photos from the visit to the Middle East

Last month I visited USAID’s West Bank and Gaza Mission and witnessed how our diverse programs bring tangible benefits to the lives of Palestinians. I came away from another whirlwind visit certain that USAID’s work helps build the foundation for peace.

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USAID Boosts Agricultural Production in Yemen

During a recent visit to Yemen, Assistant Administrator for the Middle East had the opportunity to see the many ways that USAID is boosting agriculture in the country.

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Food Voucher Program Gives Palestinian Families Choices and Supports the Local Economy

A food assistance voucher program in West Bank provides more than food to Palestinian families.

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