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Keeping the Peace: Her Work Helps Prevent Crises Around the World

A group of people poses for the camera

USAID is committed to working with this U.S.-based, women-owned small business to counter violent extremism around the world.

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Generating Trade With — and Within — East Africa

Where does your morning coffee come from and how many jobs did it create? You may be surprised to learn just what it takes to get that cup of joe into your hands. East Africa — the source of some of the world’s best coffee — is poised for robust growth in agriculture, financial services, […]

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Sweet Rewards for Peruvian Farmers Who Trade Coca for Chocolate

A close up of recently harvested red and green cacao pods

USAID partners with the Government of Peru to disrupt the operations of criminal networks, eradicate coca and help farmers develop lucrative, legal crops that can be exported to U.S. markets and beyond.

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On the Road to Self Reliance

A graphic display commemorating USAID's 10 years in Kosovo, with a hashtag #kosovo10 printed on the base.

USAID’s assistant administrator for the Bureau for Europe and Eurasia reflects on the Agency’s transformational impact in Kosovo.

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The Beauty of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

A brick building with a small canal flowing past it, with plants growing alongside the canal

Nine years ago, USAID supported the development of a wastewater treatment system that would treat wastewater, reduce waterborne diseases and clean the river. Now, the local municipal corporation has taken it over, and others are following this model.

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The Time to Make Progress? Right Now.

A group of women medical practitioners share a smart phone to look at the app

How USAID and our partners are supporting innovations to save mom’s lives around the globe

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A Man Among Men

Themba smiles and poses for the cameras with a young baby

Why does it matter if a father changes his daughter’s diaper or braids her hair? Because it gives mothers time to focus on child nutrition and development. USAID is transforming gender norms to improve food security in rural Zimbabwe.

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Helping Ukrainians Attain the Prosperity They Deserve

Bilders Volodymyr Kindzerskyi, Stepan Martynyuk, Myron Humennyi and Andriy Bodasyuk are working on renovating of a local house of culture in Lozova Village, Baikovetska United Community. The renovation project is fully funded from the community budget. Ternopil Oblast, June 2017. (Photo: Vladyslav Sodel)

USAID partners with the Government of Ukraine, the private sector and civil society to stem corruption, deepen democracy and stimulate inclusive economic growth. We are committed to making Ukraine self-reliant and helping Ukrainians attain the prosperity they desire and deserve.

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