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Communities on the Road to Recovery and Healing In Post-Ebola Sierra Leone

A woman holding a toddler-aged child

In post-Ebola Sierra Leone, community healing dialogues are transforming communities. They have become a forum where communities can talk about a range of issues, from stigma related to Ebola to broader concerns, and find solutions to those issues themselves, leading to resiliency and reintegration.

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Closing the Gender Digital Divide: WomenConnect Challenge Brings 20 Semi-Finalists to DC for Solver Symposium

A large group poses for the camera

This week, USAID welcomed 20 WomenConnect Challenge semi-finalists to Washington, D.C. for a symposium to strengthen their innovations to bridge the gender digital divide in the developing world. Interested in learning more? Follow #WomenConnect on Twitter.

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Mapping the Journey to Self-Reliance

USAID is reorienting its policies, strategies and program practices to better support countries to plan, finance and implement solutions to their own development challenges.

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Diving with Decapods: the Smithsonian-Indonesia PEER Partnership

A group of SCUBA divers examines a coral reef

Current estimates predict that by 2050, nearly all coral reefs on Earth will be at a highly threatened status. Two researchers backed by USAID are working to protect coral reefs in Indonesia.

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Witnessing Hope and Health for Kenyan Orphans and Vulnerable Children

A purple and white patchwork quilt hanging on a wall.

Funding from the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief helps staff at Kenya’s Children of God Relief Institute manage the facility and evaluate the project’s aim—to deliver high quality, high impact pediatric and adolescent HIV care.

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Where It’s Risky to Tell the Truth: Press Freedom Declines in Too Many Countries

A woman sits in a studio in front of a large broadcasting microphone

At the turn of the century, improved internet access, greater mobile phone ownership and easy-to-use digital media platforms transformed social participation in urgent issues of the day. These tools promised to lift the voices of previously silenced citizens and journalists in a new digital landscape—even in some of the more repressive corners of the world […]

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Generating Trade With — and Within — East Africa

Where does your morning coffee come from and how many jobs did it create? You may be surprised to learn just what it takes to get that cup of joe into your hands. East Africa — the source of some of the world’s best coffee — is poised for robust growth in agriculture, financial services, […]

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Sweet Rewards for Peruvian Farmers Who Trade Coca for Chocolate

A close up of recently harvested red and green cacao pods

USAID partners with the Government of Peru to disrupt the operations of criminal networks, eradicate coca and help farmers develop lucrative, legal crops that can be exported to U.S. markets and beyond.

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On the Road to Self Reliance

A graphic display commemorating USAID's 10 years in Kosovo, with a hashtag #kosovo10 printed on the base.

USAID’s assistant administrator for the Bureau for Europe and Eurasia reflects on the Agency’s transformational impact in Kosovo.

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The Beauty of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

A brick building with a small canal flowing past it, with plants growing alongside the canal

Nine years ago, USAID supported the development of a wastewater treatment system that would treat wastewater, reduce waterborne diseases and clean the river. Now, the local municipal corporation has taken it over, and others are following this model.

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