The Nyasa Times of Malawi reported on a partnership between USAID and Bayer HealthCare aimed at making the affordable and effective Microgynon Fe Oral Contraceptive available in the country. Malawi is the latest country to benefit from this program, called the Contraceptive Security Initiative, which was first launched in 2010 and has already been implemented in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ghana. The initiative is aimed at bringing affordable and effective family planning into the market.

Click to read more about U.S. assistance to Pakistan on energy.

Click to read more about U.S. assistance to Pakistan to provide electricity to an estimated two and a half million households by 2014.

Pakistan Observer reported that USAID-supported projects will add 1200 megawatts of electricity to Pakistan’s national electric grid by 2014. The energy supply increase will be achieved through supporting reformed energy policies, improving technology, and repairing thermal power plants and dams. The energy increase, which is essential to driving trade and economic growth, is expected to supply 14 million people in 2.5 million households with electricity.

Spy Ghana profiled James A. Bever, the new director of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Mission in Ghana. The piece notes that Bever will oversee USAID’s Ghana-specific programs in areas of agriculture, governance, economic growth, education, and health.

The Dhaka Tribune detailed the forthcoming visit from a USAID team to Bangladesh for the purpose of assessing the country’s agro-business sector. The USAID team is scheduled to meet with stakeholders of the sector and the secretaries of agriculture and commerce, as well as with companies, legal associations, and academics that work with agro-business to gain a well-rounded perspective of the issues involved. Agro-business sector improvement could help attract potential investment and encourage economic growth and prosperity in the country.

Ms. Magazine profiled USAID programs that aim to empower girls and women in Afghanistan. The programs that were detailed focus on strengthening the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in the work they do to support women, and increasing literacy of Afghan women and girls.

Leadership covered USAID’s support for a third season of the children’s show, “Sesame Square”—Nigeria’s adaptation of “Sesame Street.” The popular show, which just launched a new season in the Hausa language, is geared toward educating and strengthening the reading skills of Nigerian children. Chairman of the Bwari Area Council Peter Yohanna Ushafa noted that the program will help produce good citizen leaders in the country.

A Promise RenewedThe Huffington Post featured a story highlighting the efforts of USAID and other international organizations and governments in reducing child mortality around the globe through the A Promise Renewed program. The article quotes USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah, “We can imagine a world without children dying for no need…We’re going to deliver that.”