Cargill and National Farmers Union back Food Aid Proposal

In its “The Caucus” blog, the New York Times reports, “One of the world’s largest food companies offered its support on Wednesday for changes to the way the United States provides food aid to developing countries.” In response, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah said: “We have seen growing momentum behind this proposal and the need to modernize our food assistance programs to address today’s challenges, become more flexible and save more lives with maximum efficiency,” he added.

 Administrator Shah on Kojo Nnamdi Show
WAMU-FM , DC, on its “The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” interviews USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah. He said that for less than 1 percent of the federal budget, “we help promote American safety, security and economic prosperity in more than 80 countries around theworld.” He added He explained that USAID reaches “the world’s most vulnerable people and places to help build a more stable world with more economic prosperity, because we’ve seen time and again that that helps to improve American security, and it helps create American jobs.”
PGH Program aims to Deliver Aid Faster 
The Thompson Reuters Foundation reports on Pledge Guarantee for Health (PGH), a new public-private financial partnership that aims to decrease the lag time between donor commitment and aid disbursement, by giving aid recipients access to bridge financing. “This announcement builds on our efforts to partner with the private sector to help end preventable child death within a generation,” said USAID Administrator Raj Shah.