A visible expression of the good will of the American people, USAID assistance around the world proudly bears the USAID logo. It serves to build positive public opinion in the countries where we work, by showing how the United States is assisting those in need. USAID’s partners are required to brand and mark their program activities as from the American people, except in specific circumstances when, for example, branding and marking may pose undue risk to staff and beneficiaries.

In the examples below, see how vouchers, locally procured food, and others show the generosity of the United States. All images were taken by Food for Peace staff, USAID.

Food voucher distributed to families in Pakistan in 2011, for use in local markets to buy food.

Food available for purchase in a local market through a food voucher program in Benin.

Locally sourced food from the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been distributed in some of the most insecure areas of the country, to helped internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Bag for locally purchased cornmeal, given to IDPs in Goma, North Kivu province.

American farmers are and will continue to play an important role in feeding hungry people around the world. These lentils were purchased in the United States.

Ready-to-use therapeutic food locally purchased in Pakistan.

RUTF purchased in the United States.

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