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Ghassan* was leaving his university classes when he was injured in the crossfire in Rif Damascus Photo Credit: USAID NGO Partner *Name changed to protect identity

The United States has provided nearly $409 million in humanitarian assistance to help those affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria. Since February 2012, USAD has provided support to over 144 field hospitals, medical clinics, and medical points across Syria that have saved countless lives, including Ghassan.

Ghassan, a university student from Rif Damascus, was heading home from classes when fighting broke out between regime and rebel fighters. Ghassan was not able to take cover in time and was hit by shrapnel in both legs.

When the fighting died down, he was taken to a nearby USAID-supported field hospital, where doctors found a closed fracture in his right leg and shrapnel wounds in his left foot. Luckily, the femoral artery in his leg was not hit and he only suffered a bone fracture, but no displacement. The doctors removed the shrapnel, cleaned the wounds, and cast his right leg.

Ghassan stayed at the hospital for nine days while the doctors treated his injuries. He continues to visit the hospital when he is able and sometimes receives USAID-supported doctors at his home.

Ghassan thanks the doctors and those who support them for their help in treating his injuries. His father was killed in crossfire six months ago, but Ghassan says he still wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue studying for his business degree when his injuries have healed.

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