On April 5, USAID joined UN Foundation’s Momentum 1000 and millions around the globe in a digital rally to mark the 1,000 day milestone until the 2015 target date to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): A promise made to free people from extreme poverty and extend hope and opportunity to the millions living in developing regions. 189 nations are striving together to meet the MDGs. The digital rally encouraged partners around the globe to continue their commitment to end extreme poverty and build a better world for all.

In commemoration of the April 5 milestone, USAID hosted a Twitter chat with Policy Director Steve Feldstein, who discussed USAID efforts to meet President Obama’s to end extreme poverty within the next two decades.

GAIN moderated a live discussion on Google Hangout to address progress on food security with guests USAID and GAIN on April 5. Photo credit: USAID

In addition, USAID participated in a Google Hangout, hosted by US News and GAIN, to discuss progress made on global food security and nutrition as well as overall efforts to create a more nourished, food secure world.

Lastly, USAID Global Health hosted a Twitter chat with global health advisor Kamiar Khajavi on USAID’s work with meeting MDG #4, which is to reduce child mortality.

For a snapshot of the digital conversation, take a look at our Storify feed.

How is USAID working towards achieving all 8 MDGs?

  1. End extreme poverty and hunger;

  2. Achieve universal primary education;

  3. Promote gender equality;

  4. Reduce child mortality;

  5. Improve maternal health;

  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases;

  7. Ensure environmental sustainability; and

  8. Develop a global partnership for development.

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