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Read the latest edition of USAID’s FrontLines to learn more about the continuing benefits of projects that have graduated from Agency assistance, and how new organizations and programs are energizing development work around the world. Some highlights:

  • Indian children at one of Pratham Education’s “learning camps.” In September, Pratham Education Foundation received a $300,000 grant from USAID as one of 32 winners of the multi-donor All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development. Photo Credit: Pratham Education Foundation.

    All Children Reading is USAID’s latest push to break the cycle of illiteracy and introduce the developing world’s youngest citizens to the joys and benefits of learning to read.

  • Bring together the tech savvy and the humane-minded and the result is USAID’s first Hackathon – a confab with both groups working together to design workable solutions to hunger worldwide.
  • In a boon to justice and equality for Kenyan women, some of the country’s all-male, local courts are going co-ed.
  • Latin American & Caribbean chief Mark Feierstein says he was proud to help close USAID’s Panama mission this year: “It’s the development milestone that our partner countries strive to achieve—to reach the point where they can propel their own development without the need for foreign assistance.”
  • The Global Give Back Circle started six years ago as a small mentoring program, but now offers a range of services to more than 500 vulnerable women in nine countries, who each vow to pay it forward.

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