Weekly Briefing (8/4/2012 – 8/10/2012)

August 6: ABC News featured a blog post on Secretary Clinton’s recent trip to Malawi, where she met with local farmers at the Lumbadzi Milk Bulking Group, established as part of the Feed the Future initiative. Clinton spoke with a farmer who received a cow from USAID several years ago. With revenue from the cow, the farmer, Margaret, has been able to buy a goat, an ox, a house, and clothes for her family.

August 7: Forbes India conducted an interview with Romi Bhatia, a senior adviser on diaspora partnerships in the Global Partnerships Division at USAID. Bhatia spoke on agency initiatives to engage the Indian diaspora for development efforts, saying, “Often, diaspora communities want to learn more and they just don’t have enough information on how USAID operates on the ground. … Much of my efforts are to explain and also get feedback from the diaspora.”

August 9: CNNThe New York Times, and the Associated Press, among other outlets, all reported on the start of a landmark USAID-led cleanup of Agent Orange in a contaminated site at an airport in Danang, Vietnam. This is the United States’ first effort at cleaning up the chemical, which the U.S. military used to defoliate jungle during the Vietnam War.

August 10: The Washington Post reported on the death of USAID Foreign Service Officer Ragaei Abdelfattah, who was killed August 8 in a terrorist attack in Kunar province, Afghanistan, along with several members of the International Security Assistance Force and Afghan civilians. USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah issued a statement praising Abdelfattah, saying, “Ragaei gave his life in service to our country and our Agency’s mission of providing help to those in need and advancing our national security. His sacrifice and the ongoing commitment of our staff in Afghanistan is building on progress from the past decade and helping to make both Afghanistan and America safer.”