June 24: USAID’s completion of its work in Panama was highlighted in an editorial from Voice of America, which noted that given the country’s economic growth and commitment to development, U.S. assistance is no longer needed. USAID’s 50-year partnership with the Panamanian government included the building of schools and youth centers, preservation of the Panama Canal watershed, and the establishment of new government ministries, among other efforts. The USAID office in Panama will close in September.

June 24: In a Huffington Post blog post, former UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Kul Chandra Gautam says the Child Survival Call to Action Summit held in Washington recently was an opportunity for reflection on USAID’s 50th anniversary and its 30-year contribution to the Child Survival and Development Revolution. Gautam attributes the success of the effort to reduce preventable child deaths to collaboration between USAID and UNICEF, eventually creating a truly global movement for child survival and development. Still, Gautam notes, “the continuing loss of 21,000 children daily from preventable causes is unacceptable.”

June 27: The Guardian featured coverage of a report from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation, which urges the European Commission to develop a stronger nutrition strategy. The report discussed the merits of public-private partnerships to meet development challenges, citing the example of Enterprise Ethiopia, a partnership among USAID, PepsiCo, the PepsiCo Foundation and the World Food Programme. The effort enabled 10,000 Ethiopian farmers to achieve a twofold increase in chickpea production through modern agriculture and irrigation techniques.