Originally featured on ABC’s Million Mom Challenge

Do you remember being 5? I do! My three younger brothers had adventures galore in our tree house, cruised in the back seat of Big Red (our awesome car) and maybe got caught throwing a grapefruit at old Mr. Johnson’s head across the back fence. I remember this day at the beach with my brothers and Dad – it was blustery and the water freezing – but nothing would stop us!

Turning five is one of those special milestones when we head off to Kindergarten and really begin our journey through childhood to adulthood. It’s also a time when kids have passed the most dangerous years of their life in many parts of the world. Getting past five means everything for survival.

Huge leaps have been made to make sure more and more kids get to that all-important 5th birthday. Together, we’ve come a long way — childhood deaths have been cut by 70 percent in the last 50 years. And yet . . .

Worldwide, still, more than 7 million children under age five die each year from largely preventable and treatable causes. USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is celebrating 5th birthdays. You can join the movement for more children to reach their 5th birthday right here.