Denise A. Herbol was sworn in on Friday, November 4, 2011 as the Mission Director for USAID’s mission in Kingston, Jamaica.  Herbol, a career Senior Foreign Service Officer, leaves her post as Senior Deputy Mission Director for USAID’s mission in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Ms. Herbol has been with the Agency since 1987 and has served in Lebanon, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Ghana, Belize, Albania, Uganda, Colombia, and Ukraine.

The programs she will oversee in Jamaica will impact economic growth, education, democracy, and anti-corruption; including programs to empower at risk youth, stimulate economic development, improve education and skills development; and fight corruption.

Herbol is looking forward to working to working in Jamaica, despite a lean budget.  She says, “ I know that Jamaica has strong effective institutions with good leadership and I expect we will be able to more quickly move to expand the amount of resources through host country systems as well as local NGOS.”