Two weeks ago, USAID and the Ad Council launched the FWD campaign to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in East Africa.  The campaign name stands for Famine, War, and Drought – because of the tragic and rare convergence of these three factors that are all currently affecting this region.

Today we are making it even easier for the public to “FWD” awareness through the launch of our FWD tab on the USAID Facebook page.

The FWD Facebook tab displays the campaign’s four infographics  and makes it simple to choose one to post on your own wall.

The tab has new features such as campaign-related videos. Today’s video highlights USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah at the Social Good Summit in New York explaining what is needed to address the long-term humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.  Additional videos, including a series of celebrity endorsed Public Service Advertisements (PSAs), will be added to this section in the coming weeks.

Another new feature of the Facebook tab is a quiz about the situation in the Horn of Africa.  The five questions allow you to test your knowledge about the current crisis and help you learn more.

We have also included a sharable photo gallery of pictures from the Horn. Pictures from USAID and our partners will be continually added to the gallery so you can see what is happening on the ground.

Through the interactive tab, we encourage you to be a part of the campaign by sharing content, staying informed and receiving updates about USAID and our partners’ response to the famine. The U.S. Government is actively providing short and long term assistance in the region but we cannot do it alone. Join us.

Learn more about the crisis in the Horn of Africa at the FWD campaign. You can also find information about USAID’s comprehensive efforts to address global food insecurity at Feed the Future.