Our weekly feature highlighting upcoming events at USAID Missions around the globe.

In Indonesia, we will hold a ceremony for the Aceh West Coast Highway construction project. The event recognizes the U.S. Government’s support for the creation of a difficult section of national highway from Banda Aceh to Calang, which is approaching completion. This ceremony will provide an opportunity to underscore that the U.S. Government is committed to Aceh’s economic development and the Comprehensive Partnership with Indonesia. New programs through USAID are also contributing to support the province’s reconstruction and future development in other ways, in addition to developing this important economic artery.

In Azerbaijan, Save the Children will host a talk show on disability issues in the nation. During this program, USAID will broadcast a PSA on increasing employment of disabled people.

In Paraguay, A rural farmer’s association, Caapiibary Cooperative will inaugurate a new infrastructure for passion fruit processing. USAID/Paraguay is helping rural farmers to increase production and find new markets for their production and has connected them with local companies which buy the farmer’s product. In this case the leading company Frutika is buying passion fruit for juice processing, helping farmers increase their income and escape poverty.