This week, we’re highlighting how in volatile regions, USAID works side-by-side with the military, playing a critical role in our nation’s effort to stabilize countries, and build responsive local governance. Development efforts can also prevent conflict from occurring and future military involvement by helping countries become more stable, prosperous and less prone to violent extremism. In the videos below, former Secretary Gates and Vice Chair ADM Winnefeld speak from decades of experience in American foreign policy and on behalf of the U.S. military about this important partnership.

Left: Former Secretary Gates congratulates USAID on its 50th Anniversary and reaffirms his support for USAID and how development programs support our national security and contribute to our economic future.

Right: Admiral James “Sandy” Winnefeld, Jr. Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff congratulates USAID on its 50th Anniversary and reaffirms the military’s support for USAID.

Thank you both for this lasting gift and for your continued service to our great nation.