In Sri Lanka, we are holding our annual multi-religion and multi-ethnic festival.  After nearly 30 years of conflict, the festival is meant to give members of these previously conflicting groups a chance to meet and know each other in order to foster reconciliation and respect for diversity.

In Afghanistan, we will hold the Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA) Conference.  The AWJA is an alliance of women judges that provides legal training to women judges, runs legal aid services for women, and promotes legal rights awareness to women and girls. This the first time that the Supreme Court in Afghanistan has recognized the Afghan Women Judges Association Conference’s validity and extended its blessing to its formation.

In Kyrgyzstan, we will give the final presentation on the results of research analysis conducted on economic recovery and the future of southern Kyrgyzstan.  We will present findings of a survey conducted with numerous entrepreneurs in volatile areas of southern Kyrgyzstan.  The event will also include a facilitated discussion of the existing barriers for business expansion in the south as well as the potential opportunities for economic development in the future.