In the Safa village in Ramallah, West Bank, we will hold a bike race as part of the Model School Development Program.  This initiative seeks to introduce a student-centered, contemporary approach to teaching and learning that integrates child development at the physical, cognitive, psychological, and social levels.  The focus is on improving the quality of teaching and learning in the areas of English, science, and mathematics, within a network of 57 public and private schools in the West Bank and Gaza.

In Mozambique, we will hold a Go Girls! Initiative event.  Go Girls! is focused on reducing young women’s vulnerability to HIV.  It is aimed at reaching girls age 10–17 years old in Botswana, Malawi, and Mozambique.  At the event, we will present recommendations for sustaining the momentum & committing to reduce girls’ vulnerability to HIV.

In Iraq, we will hold several courses of the Farmer Field School (FFS) to tutor farmers on greenhouse management.   The group-based hands-on approach of the FFS includes adult education, facilitation, plant-animal life cycles, group study and farmer group development to improve out-of-season production in Iraq.