April 4: Bloomberg News reported that USAID will send a team into Libya to provide humanitarian relief in the face of the current conflict. Mark Ward, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance, said that one of the team’s first tasks will be to “contact those opposed to Qaddafi, including the National Transitional Council, to coordinate the delivery of relief.”

April 7: Voice of America reported that USAID is taking the lead on American humanitarian efforts in Libya. The pledged $47 million dollars are being used to “first, [deliver] desperately needed humanitarian aid; second, [pressure] and [isolate] the Muammar Gadhafi regime through sanctions and other measures; and third [support] efforts by Libyans to achieve their aspirations through political changes.”

April 8: MIT News reported that at a speech delivered on campus by USAID Administrator Shah, the future of development will be shaped by new ideas and innovation. And that programs developed through MIT’s D-Lab are helping to “transform the world of development.”