In Senegal, we will launch a new training curriculum on Value Chain and Agri-Food Business in collaboration with Michigan State University. The 4-semester Master’s Degree program is mainly aimed at regular fourth-year agricultural engineering students and includes tailor-made short-term training modules for working people. The overall objective is to promote excellence beyond national boundaries and to generate a critical mass of skillful professionals that will lead to structural changes required for the development of domestic agriculture and its adaption to a global market economy.

In Indonesia, we will host the Indonesia International Infrastructure Conference to highlight the launch of the Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) Program. This program will continue our assistance in the energy sector and focus on increasing access to energy and reducing green house gas emissions from the energy sector through fostering the development of clean energy. A great opportunity to align the program with the Government of Indonesia objectives and strategies in clean energy development.

In Paraguay, along with local NGO’s we will launch a Democracy – Civil Society Program in Asuncion. This 3-year program will promote the participation of different social sectors, strengthen civil society organizations, promote civic education content in formal education curriculum and promote ethics in journalism.