In Jamaica, the U.S. government is partnering with the Jamaica Constabulary Force to host the region’s First Law Enforcement Anti-Corruption Conference.  The two-day conference will feature leading anti-corruption champions and will bring together high level law enforcement personnel, including Commissioners of Police and Customs, to conduct a situational analysis of corruption in the individual Caribbean territories, and to share their experiences on the fight against corruption in their jurisdictions. Participants will also work to: identify the types and levels of corruption, and the status of anti-corruption initiatives in the region; ascertain best practices in the fight against corruption; and explore, with a view to establishing, Regional Law Enforcement Anti-Corruption networks.

This conference is one of several activities supported by the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), which is a shared security partnership that fulfills the commitment to deepen regional security cooperation that President Barack Obama made at the Fifth Summit of the Americas, held in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in April 2009.  CBSI complements other citizen safety initiatives between the United States and other partners in the hemisphere.

In Turkmenistan, in note of World TB Day, we are holding a National TB Conference for health workers.   Partners include The National Center for Infectious Diseases of Turkmenistan, TB Prevention Center, WHO, National Red Crescent Society and UNDP.

In Pakistan, we will host a radio talk show on USAID’s initiative to improve economic wellbeing of women micro entrepreneurs  by partnering with local organizations through its ENTREPRENEURS Project.  This will be the fourth show of the radio series. Representatives from USAID,  ENTREPRENEURS’ Project and program beneficiary will be invited to discuss USAID’s support to Pakistani women micro entrepreneurs, sharing their experiences of how they benefitted and further possibilities for Pakistani women  to contribute for economic wellbeing of their families and country at large.