In Tanzania, we are launching a Couples’ Communication Campaign.  This event will launch an advocacy campaign to promote communication within couples about family health and positive gender norms.

In Madagascar, USAID’s Office of Food Security and Disaster Assistance is providing $2 million to support the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) FAO locust response program in southern Madagascar. The locust outbreak threatens to damage 500,000 ha of crops potentially affecting the livelihoods of at least 460,000 households (or 2.3 million people) in drought-prone and food insecure areas that depend on subsistence farming. Under this program, the FAO supports rehabilitation of agricultural land, and monitors and mitigates the potential effects of control operations on local environments and local populations’ heath.

In Djibouti, with the help of USAID, the Kontali Primary School will re-open.  USAID will hold a dedication ceremony for  the Combined Joint Task Force/Horn of Africa (CJTF/HOA’s) construction of 3 new classrooms, upgraded solar panels, renovated latrines, and a security fence.