In Nicaragua, we are we are launching the Maternity House Project.  A network of maternity houses, located in rural communities, will provide pregnant women from remote areas a place to stay during the last month of pregnancy.  This will facilitate access to child delivery inside a formal health facility.  The women will also receive additional prenatal care as part of the program.

In Benin, we are hosting a ceremony for the first national training of the teachers who are participating in Teacher Training Colleges (TTC).  The TTCs involve a three week intensive instructor training to train master teachers in modern education methods, such as child centered education and competency based curriculum which is now being taught in primary public schools. For over ten years, USAID provided substantial technical and financial assistance to develop and publish the textbooks for this training. The TTCs will be held simultaneously in the five localities around the country from September to October.

In Jamaica, we are kicking off “A GANAR” in Jamaica, a youth-focused activity using sports to teach life and vocational skills. This program supports Jamaica’s effort to increase the opportunities for youth, especially in the context of recent civil unrest and pervasive crime in some communities. Public and private sector partners are investing and working together to do more to respond to the various challenges of young people. A GANAR is one of these investments.