Dr. Shah’s trip to flood-ravage Pakistan received extensive coverage in regional and international media, helping to show that United States is in the forefront of the international effort to help the people of Pakistan in their hour of need.

CNN  aired a detailed piece with compelling scenes of the devastation, as well as Dr. Shah’s message of the U.S. commitment to the relief effort and beyond.  The Washington PostReuters and many others carried the news of the extra $50 million in aid  that Dr. Shah annnounced during a visit to Sukkur.

Among the South Asian media , the Associated Press of Pakistan provided consistent coverage throughout the visit, including the announcement of additional funds and a meeting with Foreign Minister Quereshi.   Among the other regional media that followed the trip closely were the Daily Times of Pakistan and Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, spoke with Federal News Radio and other media about the latest developments in the relief effort as it continued to expand.