In Indonesia we are hosting the second annual Ramadan outreach program to teach Indonesian youth about America’s religious diversity. The program aims to reach out to youth between the ages of 15-25. American officers from the Jakarta mission and Indonesian student exchange alumni will speak during the 3-week program.  There will be 40 events throughout the greater Jakarta metropolitan district, including presentations and discussions at education centers such as Islamic boarding schools, high schools, universities, and religious youth communities.

In Ghana we celebrate the launch of Life Choices Family Planning Initiative to increase the use of family planning services and commodities, and to address the social and behavioral barriers to using contraceptives.  The launch of the initiative is a part of media campaign to raise public awareness and generate national and local coverage for the initiative.  The campaign will include a docudrama focusing on consequences of unintended pregnancy, male involvement, and managing side effects and interpersonal communications among peers.  This initiative is possible through a USAID partnership with the Ghana Health Service and technical assistance from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.