Submitted by Abby Sugrue

In Jordan sponsoring and supporting several Iftars throughout the country in celebration of Ramadan.  Iftars are the late dinner celebrations at the end of a long day of fasting and are a culturally relevant way to express gratitude to volunteers and partners and to celebrate the successes of the Mission’s projects.  One Iftar, hosted by USAID partner INJAZ, will be aimed at volunteers who enabled a successful high school student mentoring program.  Additional youth-focused Iftars will be held throughout the month is Amman and Aqaba. 

In Morocco a youth outreach conference for Ramadan.  Over 1,400 young people are expected to participate in a full week of activities created to connect youth to employment opportunities and grow their entrepreneurship skills so they can turn their ideas into productive projects – whether personal, social or commercial.  There will also be a closing ceremony for participants, which will be covered by area reporters and bloggers.

In Tanzania a textbook delivery ceremony.  USAID is working with Ministry of Education and Vocational Training  (MOEVT) to develop and produce textbooks and learning materials through USAID/Washington’s Textbooks and Learning Materials Program.  Over a three year period, the university will produce 2.25 million secondary science and math textbooks and other learning materials for mainland Tanzania.  SCSU has produced its first tranche of 800,000 textbooks and 37,000 teacher’s guides.  The textbooks include important messages about HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention as well as other critical life-skills and are designed in collaboration with MOEVT staff who also receive training so that they can update the content locally as needed.