Submitted by Abby Sugrue.

In Honduras the signing of USAID’s new bilateral assistance agreement for the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI).  This agreement supports youth and communities that are vulnerable to crime, violence, gangs, and drug trafficking by providing them with vocational skills, safe alternatives to gangs, better governance, and improved infrastructure.  

In Bangladesh the launch of Parliament of Bangladesh Budget Analysis and Monitoring Unit (BAMU).  The “Promoting Governance, Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity (PROGATI)” program implemented BAMU and will provide fiscal analysis and other services as required by the Members of the Parliament to facilitate their oversight of national budgets and monitoring of government expenditures.

In Senegal a graduation ceremony for an Investigative Journalism course. As part of the USAID program on Decentralization, Governance and Transparency, and in light of upcoming elections in 2012, this course is intended to strengthen the transparency and integrity with which reporters practice their profession.