Submitted by Jan Cartwright

USAID is helping the Palestinian Authority (PA) provide its constituents with more effective, efficient, and responsive services through an initiative called the PA Capacity Enhancement (PACE) project.

Watch this short video to see what a difference USAID-funded renovations to the Nablus and Hebron Licensing Bureaus and the Hebron Ministry of Interior Office of Civil Affairs have made to citizens.

“The difference is really big when you compare before to after,” said Amir Abdullah Abu Ayad, citizen of Hebron.  “Where before people were everywhere and it [Hebron Licensing Bureau] was full of smoke, now it’s excellent and civilized.”

USAID’s Mission in West Bank and Gaza helps people living there lead healthier and more productive lives.  Since 1994, the U.S. Government has provided $2.9 billion through USAID to implement a development program in the West Bank and Gaza.