Submitted by Abby Sugrue

In Zambia we re-launched the Safeplan Family Planning Pill through our Partnership for Integrated Social Marketing program (PRISM).  The new Safeplan pack will be available at registered outlets including clinics, pharmacies and retail shops across the country.  Oral contraceptive pills, like Safeplan, are a safe, convenient and effective way for women to accurately and reliably control their reproductive lives and thereby improve their health.  USAID is working with the Ministry of Health and the private sector to improve access to high quality, affordable modern contraceptives throughout the country.

In Paraguay we are collaborating with the Millenium Challenge Corporation, which is donating software to the Ministry of Health to handle distribution and logistics of medicines in the country.  For the first time, the Ministry of Health will have software that will help avoid corruption by properly tracking and distributing medicines.

In Cambodia we are collaborating closely with the Department of Defense to assist in the planning of a series of pandemic flu preparedness exercises.  This is part of a national workshop focused on refining collaborative civilian-military provincial response plans in Cambodia.