The FIFA 2010 World Cup kicks off tomorrow, June 11th and USAID has created a webpage dedicated to all things soccer.  Check out videos, stories and pictures from our missions and partners around the world.  Find out what a vuvuzela is and what it means to communities around the world.

We will also publish blog posts here with updates from our soccer fanatic staffers in the field on programs, events and activities surrounding the World Cup.  Stay tuned for a report from South Africa about the grand opening of a state-of-the art stadium for youth and a field trip for USAID and PEPFAR sponsored kids to meet the US Soccer Team.

Soccer and development have a long history.  In so many countries it seems all you need is a soccer ball to start a conversation.  Our field offices have long utilized soccer and sports to bridge divides and teach critical life skills in health, economy, academia and community.  This month is all about spirited competition and patriotism but also about coming together to address the global challenges we all face.