USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah's visit to Mgabathi Hospital Clinic - Kenya - May 2010

I spoke with HIV-positive patients, adults and children, at the Mgabathi Hospital clinic that offers prevention education, counseling, and medical care -- including distributing life-saving HIV-AIDS treatment.

We’re concentrating intensely on health issues in Kenya.

President Obama’s ground-breaking Global Health Initiative (GHI), which is soon to be rolled out in 10 countries, is getting under way here. Yesterday, we met with interagency colleagues and USAID mission staff from across Africa and dug into the details on important implementing issues. It was a great opportunity to build on the collective experience and knowledge across agencies and missions, and to apply lessons learned to GHI.

This morning I visited Mbagathi Hospital, a Kenyan health facility that USAID has supported for the past two years.

Mbagathi is one of Nairobi’s busiest hospitals, located on the edge of Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. They’re offering integrated health services for nearly 9800 HIV patients, supporting the supply of critical life-saving HIV treatment; nutrition education and commodities; family planning; and direct support, including staff training and salaries, laboratory reagents and community outreach. This kind of service integration is at the heart of the GHI.