USAID Adminstrator co-chairs conference with Afghan Ministers

USAID Administrator co-chairs discussions with Afghan Ministers

This week President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and members of his cabinet are participating in U.S. – Afghanistan Bilateral Discussions in Washington, DC. These discussions are another step in the advancement of a very broad strategic partnership between our two countries. (Our guests have a full agenda this week including a meeting with President Obama, a full day at the State Department and meetings on Capitol Hill, with Think Tanks and the media.)

As part of this effort, USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah co-chaired two discussions with Afghan Ministers – the first, on human resource development where the focus was on health and education, and, secondly, a roundtable discussion with
Ministers about their priorities and the major challenges confronting development assistance in Afghanistan.

During his April visit to Afghanistan, Dr. Shah spoke of our goal of creating a stable, democratic, and economically vibrant Afghanistan that works for the benefit of the Afghan people. He expressed support for the U.S. government’s new “Afghan First” policy to procure services locally and to build Afghan institutions by further utilizing Afghan resources and talent to implement our programs. Ultimately an Afghan-owned approach to their own country’s development will facilitate security, governance, and prospects for long-term economic development.

You can learn more about USAID’s work in Afghanistan here.