In yesterday’s meeting with technology entrepreneurs, we learned about a new innovation hub in Nairobi that’s serving as an incubation space for the local tech community.

Needless to say, we were intrigued. So today I decided to investigate and paid a visit to the iHub –a modern, open and light filled community workspace where programmers, tech entrepreneurs, investors
and mentors gather to brainstorm, problem solve, and incubate some of Kenya’s next technology creations and companies.

Expecting to find the still under construction workspace empty or closed on a Saturday afternoon, I instead found a group of young women huddled around a conference table with their laptops.  They call themselves the Akirachix, a self described group of young “girl geeks” with aspirations for one day dominating this growing industry. They’re empowering Kenya’s new crop of “tech ladies” by creating a support network for girl programmers and bringing in resources and mentors to give their ideas some legs.

After talking to the group and touring the space, I caught up with Linnet Kwamboka who explained Akirachix in her own words:

Venture capitalists, take note. If you’re smart you’ll keep an eye on these girl geeks. They just got started, but they are on the move — and they’ll be powering this country’s future.