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Decentralization in Africa

On July 9, 2011, the national flag was raised for the first time in the new country of South Sudan.  Even as official ceremonies were underway in the capital Juba, the country began to confront fundamental dilemmas about how to establish the basic patterns of governance.  What should the system of government look like?  Should […]

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USAID Provides Equipment to South Sudan for Conflict Prevention

USAID this week handed over five speedboats to South Sudan’s Jonglei State government, to help state authorities deter threats to community security in a part of South Sudan that has experienced significant intercommunal violence this year, and where roads are extremely limited. During August alone, at least 600 people were killed in fighting between the […]

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Microfinance Program Helps South Sudanese Realize Their Dreams

In order to strengthen the financial sector in South Sudan and help provide small entrepreneurs access to credit, USAID is funding the Finance Sudan Limited (FSL) Program, established in 2006 as one of the only microfinance lenders in the country. Adam is one of FSL’s beneficiaries in Juba.  In 2007 he earned his living as […]

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Helping South Sudan Establish Secure Land Tenure

Written by Eric Postel, Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade and Raja Jandhyala, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Africa South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, faces many challenges, including land use policy. A continuing focus of USAID’s work in South Sudan is land tenure reform, an important strategy for improving economic growth […]

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South Sudan: The Hopes and Challenges with the Birth of a Nation

Rarely is the juxtaposition between joy and tragedy as stark as it is in the new nation of South Sudan and the changed nation of Sudan. I had the honor to participate in the U.S. presidential delegation witnessing independence day ceremonies in Juba, South Sudan.  Along with Ambassador Susan Rice, General Colin Powell, Congressman Donald […]

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USAID Appears in Congressional Hearing on Sudan

USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for Africa Raja Jandhyala appeared at a congressional hearing last week along with U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan Ambassador Princeton Lyman, to discuss the current crisis in Sudan and the impending independence of South Sudan on July 9. The hearing, titled “Africa’s Newest Nation:  The Republic of South Sudan,” explored the […]

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