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Haiti: First Impressions on the Runoff Election

Submitted by Ben Edwards, USAID/Haiti Like most days in Port-au-Prince, Haitians began to fill the streets at sunrise.  On this Sunday, however, they were headed to the polls, eager to exercise their democratic right in the presidential runoff and parliamentary elections. Voters at many polling stations waited calmly in line for their turn to vote.   […]

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Helping the First Elections to Succeed

Today I work at USAID/Indonesia as a development specialist in the Office of Democratic Governance. But during the popular uprising that led to the downfall of Suharto and the return of democratic government to Indonesia I was a student activist. After the popular, student led uprising in Indonesia – similar to what recently occurred in […]

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The Role of Teachers and Textbooks in a Democracy

Submitted by: Diana Harper “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.” —James Madison, 1788 This month’s historic referendum will determine southern Sudan’s future, either as an independent country of part of a unified Sudan.  Voting ends on Saturday, January […]

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The “Stuff” of Democracy – USAID Supports the Southern Sudan Referendum

USAID’s attention to the details of a successful vote complements its broader activities to support peace, security, and good governance throughout Sudan. Read more >>

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Sudan Takes Another Step in Its Peace Process

USAID is assisting Sudan come to a peace agreement to adequately met the aspirations of their citizens. Read more >>

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Voter Registration for Referendum Completed in Sudan

As part of efforts to promote peace in Sudan, USAID is supporting a free and fair referendum process. Read more >>

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Voter Registration Begins for Sudan Referendum

Voter registration began today in Sudan for the landmark referendum on self-determination for southern Sudan. Read more >>

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Picture of the Week: In the Spirit of Election Day

Iraq elections

The USAID Elections Support Program assists electoral events in Iraq. Read more >>

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From the Dust of Darfur to the Green Shoots of Democracy

Welcome to my debut in the brave new world of blogging at USAID. We’ve made the most of our time during Dr. Shah’s first Africa trip as the head of this amazing agency; only in the home stretch have I found a few minutes to share an observation or two. With impressions still intense from […]

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