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International Literacy Day: “Poetry Unplugged” on Literacy Day in Kosovo

Earlier this year, the US Ambassador in Kosovo officially opened the Pristina “Green School”, built using recycled materials in an eco-friendly  design with support from USAID. USAID’s Basic Education Program worked to turn its bare classrooms into modern learning environments.  To encourage reading among the students, the Basic Education Program procured child-friendly furnishings and books […]

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World of Fashion Crosses Paths with Haiti’s Rebuilding Efforts

The fashion world and jobs in Haiti aren’t two things you’d normally associate with each other. But an event last week — in Las Vegas of all places — made that connection. The MAGIC fashion trade event featured a USAID-sponsored “Made in Haiti” exhibit aimed at showcasing Haitian garment manufacturers and creating new business opportunities. […]

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On the Road with SCMS, Part 2: In Ethiopia, capacity building helps a health center manage its supply of HIV/AIDS commodities

In this three part series, Jay Heavner, Director of Knowledge Sharing and Communication at Supply Chain Management System (SCMS), highlights his experiences visiting three countries in Africa to observe SCMS project sites. The Fital Health Center is located about 135 kilometers north of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, in a beautiful agricultural region of small villages […]

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Securing Health for the Sake of Security

Colonel Mbaye Khary Dieng of the Senegalese Armed Forces made one point very clear: “This is a global security issue.” One thing you can count on in Senegal is rolling power outages. In fact, that’s how our meeting with the Colonel began. What we learned about the Senegalese Armed Forces’ approach to national security, however, […]

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A Look Back at our 25th Anniversary: Foreign Aid Helps Developing World

Featured in the 1986 December edition of Frontlines “No other program rivals AID’s global accomplishments.  Twenty-five years have given us confidence in people in less developed countries and in our ability to help them solve their problems and live better lives,” Administrator Peter McPherson declared before a National Press Club audience in Washington, D.C., Nov. […]

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From the Field

In Nepal, to commemorate  International Youth Day, USAID organized a two-day workshop for Nepali youth on “Youth Advocacy and Action for Accountability and Responsibility – Decoding the Political Issues Obstructing the Country’s Development Progress.” During the workshop, youth representatives from different walks of Nepali society gathered to discuss issues impeding the country’s development and to […]

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Calling All Energy Innovators! USAID and Partners Issue “LAUNCH: Energy” Challenge

USAID and its partners in the LAUNCH program (NASA, the State Department, and NIKE, Inc.) have issued our LAUNCH: Energy challenge statement, formally beginning the third module of the LAUNCH program.  While previous program modules in 2010 and early 2011 focused on water and health, in this module LAUNCH is searching for entrepreneurial efforts focused […]

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From Emergency Aid to Economic Empowerment

Last week, I traveled with four of my USAID colleagues to a drought-stricken area of Ethiopia as part of a larger visit to the Horn of Africa region. The worst drought the region has seen in 60 years has put more than 12.4 million people in Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia in need of urgent […]

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On World Humanitarian Day, 100 Ways You Can Help Victims of the East Africa Drought

Today is World Humanitarian Day.  Reaching out to those suffering from crisis and disaster is a fundamental human impulse and a deeply enshrined American value.  It is a value we share with people around the globe.  It is the silver lining of any crisis, when the best of who we are as people emerges just […]

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A Mother’s Bond: My Visit to an Ethiopian Therapeutic Feeding Camp

I have a one-year-old little girl at home, just like Aisha, the mother I photographed during my visit to the drought-impacted region of Ethiopia. Just like this Aisha, I hope that I am nourishing my daughter’s body, mind, and spirit by providing her everything within my means. Unlike Aisha, my daughter weighs nearly three times […]

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